Travel Trailers

Feng Shui & Vacation Travel Trailers

Feng Shui. It is usually thought of for permanent homes and buildings. What however about trailers – be they in trailer parks or even for travel. Don’t these dwellings or temporary residences not deserve the benefits of the practices and disciplines of Feng Shui as well?

To benefit from Feng Shui, all homes must have a connection to the earth, mother earth, which is well grounded and have strength as well as firmness. Traditional homes typically have either a slab or crawl space foundation to connect them to the solid Earth. Both of these types of foundations require footings to be dug into the earth and then be filled with cement or other types of foundation materials. Obviously this is what trailer homes lack. However if some type of permanent or even semi permanent foundation can be made then the inhabitants or travelers can enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui with all of its inherent luck and powers. All said and done these practices could even be employed for the travelers on a large Greyhound style bus tour.

Adding a foundation can be easy enough if the trailer is of a more permanent nature – a stationary object – either in a trailer park or perhaps as a summer vacation cottage. Putting on a foundation makes the home more “rooted”, solid and substantial. The Feng Shui of its inhabitants and visitors will be greatly improved and enhanced simply by putting the dwelling on its solid footings.

However what about a travel or vacation trailer. How can these holiday vehicles – a home away from home, or a long stay extended stay residence room for a family or travel party be given solid footing and permanence. First most travel trailers have built into them stands and levelers to support the foundation of your trailer. Use them. In addition you can place some kind of covering around the base of your mobile excursion unit. The key is not to have the underside of your holiday caravan open and exposed. Otherwise energy will past your recreational touring transport. Otherwise vital Feng Shui energy and energies will whisk and move quickly by your life and travels.

By doing so you will provide your trailer with another excellent way to provide a grounding element. Light and vital energy – all to enhance your journeys, voyages and wayfaring, abound deep within the globe, something that outdoor lighting symbolizes.

The goals of this whole exercise is get “Chi” into the front door of your home – which is this case is your trailer – be it a permanent fixture or a vacation highway bound trailer. The front door to any home can be considered of primary importance – the very “mouth of Chi”. Hence the front door, which is perhaps the only door on your wandering recreation vehicle, is a critical area when it comes to Feng Shui, and the practice and discipline of Feng Shui. This is where the energy enters – or worse – does not enter your home away from home.

Making a few changes, with the wisdom and powers of Feng Shui can make all the difference in the world. No reason to live in a trailer -whether it be a permanent dwelling or a travel, touring recreational holiday vehicle and not have these wonderful benefits to your life as well as the lives of friends and family. Feng Shui.

Traveling Smart

Are You Traveling Smart?

Businesses everywhere are finding they have to finance an increasing number of trips to meet and service their customers; instant communication and the popularity of the Internet have been given the blame! Stress is the biggest problem with business travel because it’s generally not as glamorous as most people perceive it to be. There are some things you can do to reduce the amount of stress and fatigue that occurs and some interesting business travel tips and information that is supplied in this article.

Unfortunately, personal baggage goes missing from time to time and even if you are fortunate enough to have it returned, it may be too late for your meeting. An easy remedy to this is to pack as much as possible that you absolutely must have for you meeting, in your hand luggage.

Having everything to hand means that your checked luggage get delayed you will still be able to meet with clients and get your work done while you wait for less essential stuff to get chased up by the airlines. Of course when you are packing your main suitcase for the journey, it will be much simpler for you if you only include items that are essential and is an important business travel tip to remember.

In order to accomplish this, make do with a pair of casual shoes and a pair of business shoes only, and be sure to only bring enough work clothes to last you through the trip. The remaining items to pack will be toilet essentials and any other work related documents that aren’t important.

A little business travel tip that flight attendants use when they pack is to roll up their clothes, then place them into cylinders which compresses the clothing and reduces the number of creases. To go one step further, if you want to ensure that even if food or drink are spilled on your clothes you won’t need them laundered; use dark colors which are also handy because creases don’t show as much.

With all this done, it should be quite easy to just get off the plane and use a couple of freshen-up wipes (those in travel packs) that will make you feel and smell better before you meet your customer. If you are only away for a couple of days make sure your cell phone and any other electronic equipment are fully charged so you can continue working at your convenience.

If you make effective use of your day time downtime while you are traveling, then you may be able to spend evenings exploring the areas once when you arrive at your business trip destination. These tips make sure that no matter what happens when you travel on business you will be able to continue with your plans and will not be left wondering what to do next.

Australia Travel Tips

Australia Travel Tips – Discover the Hidden Gems That the Locals Want to Keep All to Themselves

Looking for Australia travel tips and the best places to visit in Australia?

Of course, there are some places that you have to go – Ayers Rock, Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef spring to mind. But what about those places that the locals don’t want you to know about? The places they want to keep all to themselves? Read on, as this local is about to spill the beans.

The Beaches around Sydney

Most visitors head to Bondi Beach. I guess you have to visit it at least once but you don’t have to spend much time here. I’d recommend getting off the main Campbell Parade and heading up some of the side streets. You’ll find much better food and cafes here and I’d recommend Hall Street (Ravesis is on the corner.)

From Bondi you should do the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. It takes you right along the cliff edge and the views are stunning. It’s a little hilly and there are steps in places so pick a good time of the day to do this walk. Stop off at Bronte Beach. Now this is a Sydney beach that the locals love. It’s smaller than Bondi, generally full of locals and has a great green area behind for ball games and there’s BBQ facilities too. The small strip of cafes here are lovely. Swell at the end is the most upmarket and good for a treat. Jennies and the Bogey Hole are more value for money and do great breakfasts.

Sydney’s best beaches can be found in the Northern Beaches. It means getting out of the city. You can catch a bus that will take you all the way to Palm Beach. It takes about an hour and a half though so its better to hire a car so you can stop off where you fancy. I’d try Dee Why as the beach and cafes are great. Avalon is good for browsing its boutique shops and a stop off at the Newport Arms Pub is a great way to experience a real Australian Pub, overlooking Pittwater River.

My favourite beaches up there are Whale Beach and Palm Beach. There is a restaurant at Whale beach called Jonah’s. It’s expensive and is strictly for a special occasion, but the view is stunning. Palm Beach is where “Home and Away” is filmed and has very orange sand. There’s Barren Joey Lighthouse that you can climb and I recommend having lunch at Barren Joey’s Guesthouse. The interior is delightful and the there are glimpses of Pittwater opposite.

The Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Tasmania itself is a hidden gem as most tourists fail to make it here. That’s a big mistake as this state offers dramatic scenery. Some would say its the best scenery in Australia. The key tourist sites are Cradle Mountain and Wine Glass Bay. Head north though and visit the Bay of Fires. A protected area, the sand here is so white, it’s blinding and the waters are bright blue.

To really appreciate this area, consider doing the 4 day Bay of Fires Walk. You get to see amazing scenery and stay in some wonderful accommodation. The most famous of which is the Bay of Fires Lodge. If you don’t want to do the walk, you can still stay in the lodge providing that it’s outside the walking season. Dates the lodge is available is between 9th May and 15th September.


Recreation – A Form of Relaxation

The modern world has started to give due status to the importance of ‘recreation’ in one’s life, thanks to the modern psychologists and management pundits and there is a common awareness among the general population regarding the subject. There is nothing wrong in assuming that the primitive man might also have given a good position for ‘recreation’, even in the early ages of civilization. The various rituals and festivals, spread around the whole world, give us an idea of the importance with which the old societies also considered the importance of ‘recreation’. If you go deep into the subject of ‘recreation’, you will reach those primitive ages when the social structure was controlled by a few and all others were ‘slaves’. It was during that period we saw the ‘gladiators’ and the immortal ‘Spartacus’. The fighting between the various ‘gladiators’ were done as a ‘recreation’ for the dominating class!

One of the giant figures of America’s political arena, ‘Thomas Jefferson’ had once commented like this. “Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning”. This golden piece of sentence can be quoted anywhere as a good example for the illustration of the importance of recreation. It should be noted that always ‘health’ is ‘wealth’ and for maintaining a sound health to the mind and body, proper ‘recreation’ is necessary.

Recreation can be interpreted as the proper usage and utilization of ‘time’, in a creative manner, by which the entire process becomes good for the mind and the body. In other words recreation is the process of converting the ‘leisure time’, into a more ‘productive’ manner. With the advancement and modernisation of the society, the need for ‘recreation’ has become a very important one which should not be neglected. The general way of life, especially in the wealthier countries has become very much ‘inactive’ and ‘lazy’. There arises the need and scope of proper ‘recreation’. Even in the developing countries, the general population especially the new generations is tempted to have a lazy or sedentary way of life. The total social advancements all around the world lead them to that kind of a life.

Along with the lazy and inactive ways of life styles, there arise so many health problems and here proper ‘recreation’ will do wonders! But one should take care to limit the ‘recreation’ within one’s own ‘need’ and ‘capacity’. Excessive kinds of ‘recreation’ will again lead to a indisciplined way of life and it should be avoided. If taken in a correct dosage, ‘recreation’ will ease out the mounting pressures and tensions which creep into our inner self because of the modern way of living. Proper usage of ‘recreation’ increases the ‘quality’ of life. In the modern management techniques, especially in the ‘stress management’ field, the need for good ‘recreation’ is given real importance. There are many kinds of ‘recreations’ available, starting from the very many games and sports, traveling, music, theater, arts etc. If you prepare a list it will become really lengthy! Holidaying is another modern form of recreation, which has picked up momentum in the recent decades. One has to choose his own way of ‘recreation’, according to his own physical, mental and of course financial capacities. What counts finally is that whether you are having sufficient recreation or not and the method of recreation is entirely depending upon your will and choice.

I am a graduate in English Literature and presently I am working as a ‘freelance writer’. I belong to Kerala, a small state in India and my place of residence is at Ottapalam. This place is in the ‘Valluvanad’ area of Palakkad district, which has got a rich ancient culture and the social conditions are really wonderful. Even though the presence of the all the main religions and their subdivisions are deep rooted, the social life is really smooth and is in a harmonious way.

Full Time Living

Retirement and Full Time Living in a Recreational Vehicle – What Are You Going to Do With Yourself?

What are you going to do with yourself when you retire?

If you dream of packing up the motor home, or the fifth wheel, or the travel trailer, and leaving it all behind, that is great…but then what? You can only travel and play tourist for so long before boredom sets in. You are no longer on vacation, where you plan endless destinations and excitement to entertain yourself for ten days, and then return home to your real life.

This is now your real life, and it is going to go on for a long time, so I suggest right now, while you are still in the planning stages, you ask yourself some hard questions, and the first one to ask is, what does retirement mean to me?

You must be very, very honest with yourself. If your job is your life, and at the end of each day, you have no further plans, nothing exciting to look forward to, no hobbies or skill sets to escape to, what are you going to do with the rest of your life? Yes, I know you are going to travel, and see the country, but you know what? After awhile, the rest of the country all starts to look the same, with a few fabulous, fantastic sights thrown in to relieve the boredom…then what?

How many museums can you visit? How many sightseeing tours can you take? How many different states can you visit? Yes, yes I know, it is going to be very exciting for the first couple of years, but then you will start to consider your options. Well, we’ve already been there, done that. Now what are we going to do?

Many, many couples, who are excited about their new life of freedom, end up leaving the road, selling the motor home, going back to stix and brix, and getting a job, because they did not plan ahead for the what ifs. They thought their retirement life was just going to consist of the pleasure of rolling down the road to the next destination. They never took into consideration that 75% of your time consists of the day to day grind of just living life, cleaning the house, buying the groceries, cooking the meals, and only about 25% is the excitement of being free, living the life of riley.

When we began planning our retirement, I knew that I would never be able to sit still, and do nothing. I knew that I would always need to work at something, be it creating craft projects to sell, volunteering at different churches around the country, or maybe volunteering at State or National Parks, there was no doubt in my mind that I would need something to keep me occupied.

As the Activities Directors for a large RV park, one of the first questions we were asked, “what kind of entertainment are you going to provide for the men? They need something to do.” Huh? Having a very self sufficient husband, who has no problem finding something productive to do, I must admit I was totally taken aback, and truly did not have an answer.

We set up golf tournaments twice per week, and horseshoe tournaments every day at four o’clock. The guys set up a day that they all went out to lunch, and they played poker in the evenings twice per week…but you get my point? Can you really live like that for the next twenty years?

What is the answer? In a recent article that I read, a gentleman stated that in his opinion, being retired meant having the financial freedom to do what you loved without worrying about whether you could make money at it or not. I tend to agree. Think of something you are so passionate about, that you are excited to get up every morning to make it happen. Figure out a way you can make your dream happen in your retirement years, then go forth and prosper.